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MESAS 2018 Conference

Organized by NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence, gathering experts from different domains: Military, Academia and Industry. Prague on October 2018. Previous 2017 Edition.


The World’s first driverless electric racing car contest, allowing academic and industrial teams to test their autonomous driving controllers. Check it @

  • Autonomous Driving Cars and Racecars

    Driverless cars and driver-assisted vehicles are becoming prevalent in today's transportation systems. Companies such as TESLA, Audi, and Google are among the leaders in this new era of the automotive industry. Autonomous cars use a variety of techniques…

  • Rovers and Wheeled Explorers

    In planetary explorations or rescue missions in devastated areas, velocity of task execution must be traded for robustness to asperities of terrains, or debris–strewn lands. Wheeled or legged robotic locomotion depends heavily on the characteristics of the terrain. In fact, e.g., Martian explorers Spirit and Opportunity traveled at max. 180 m/h speed, on an average mission length of 100 meters…